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- PART 4 -

How to Get Your Music to Supervisors and in Front of the Masses


2 Common Misconceptions About Music Licensing


How you get started


How to write songs you love that are highly sync-able



How to get your catalog licensed and in front of the masses



After 2+ hours of content - we have now brought The Reverse Songwriting Framework Series to an end (sort of).

I say “sort of” because even though this series was about 5x longer than I planned — there is still so much more to cover.

You have a road map. That’s what I promised and I worked many extra hours to make sure you ended this series with exactly that.

But you may start to imagine yourself going down this “road” and bumping into a few questions:

  • how do I write meaningful songs that still work for music licensing? 

  • What if I reach out to supervisors before I’m actually ready and ruin my future chances?

  • what does the process look like from brief to submitting music to supervisors?

  • What do I do if my genre isn’t a frequently used genre? (there are multiple solutions to this)

  • can someone “hold my hand” and walk me through step by step so I know I’m doing it correctly?

  • How do I go from one rogue sync here and there to actually making a living?

  • Should I use exclusive catalogs or non-exclusive?

  • How do I negotiate fees?

  • Am I applying the reverse songwriting framework correctly?

  • Which FOUNDATION phase am I at and can I trust my own diagnosis? (see part two of the RSF to learn what “foundation” is referring to)

  • Do I need to copyright my music?

  • Can I actually do this?

I knew that my solution couldn’t be just create unlimited free videos explaining all these and the many more questions - doubts - concerns - struggles that you will face following this road map.

I just don’t have that kind of time. The unlimited kind ;)

So I decided I’d do an online live training that dives DEEP into music licensing.

And not only that - I’d include a coaching call with every registration (even though I’m already charging an insanely low price).

So that’s exactly what I did.

And registration is now open.

But here’s the thing —

Because I’m giving personal coaching as part of the live training, the spots are very limited (again with the “not having unlimited time” thing).

So if you want to prioritize music licensing and all the benefits it can bring to your life - don’t wait.

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Music Licensing Live Video Training (Online)

  • 5 Sessions (about 1 hr each) that will give you a clear understanding of not only your path to music licensing success - but your practical steps along the way

  • Access to replays of all sessions + continued access to the Reverse Songwriting Framework series

  • Q+A at end of every video So you know you’ll learn exactly what you need to

  • a deep dive into the topics I Could only mention briefly in the Reverse Songwriting Framework Free Video SerieS

  • You will leave with the confidence that you are heading towards success and not wasting your time

One-on-One Coaching Call

(included at no extra cost)

  1. I will assign you a song to write That follows Brief themes that I have seen come in over and over again From supervisors.

  2. We will then use our half hour coaching call to analyze your song together (to make surE it is as syncable as possible)

    and also figure out your Individual next steps so you can rest easy knowing you’re headed the right direction


  • A short film that follows me using the reverse songwriting framework from a Brief to a fully produced song ready to be licensed - you get to watch the whole Process so you can see what every step looks like in real time

    $129 VALUE

    (FREE with registration)

  • The Top Keywords and Moods Requested by Supervisors in 2018 (gathered from over 300 briefs)


(FREE with registration)

That’s $189 worth of bonuses completely FREE just for registering




REGISTRATION CLOSES Friday (3/15) at 11:59pm CST**


$147 ($699 value)


- OR -



(pay off in 4 easy monthly payments of $40 each).

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**CLoses Friday (3/15) at 11:59 pm CST**