Nashville For Hire is a connecting tool that brings the amazingly talented Nashville music professionals to you no matter where you are. So while we make the connection, we do not own ANY of the materials, songs, lyrics, melodies, rights, content, etc that gets transferred through us or created through us. 


Any terms of ownership or royalties are to be discussed on a case by case basis between you and your Nashville Seller (the Nashville music professional you choose to hire). 


In most situations we see on Nashville For Hire, the agreement is a “Work For Hire”. This means that YOU keep all your rights and the guitartist, drummer, producer, vocalist, audio engineer, etc gives you the rights to her/his performance on that song. 


If you hire songwriting or topline, you will most likely have different price ranges depending on whether the songwriter keeps a percentage of ownership or if she / he gives over all rights (the Work For Hire agreement). 


If you want advice or guidance in this process, email us at [email protected]