You have 2 options when it comes to ordering services on Nashville For Hire.

1. You can order from your Nashville Seller's Profile Page.

Simply find the service or services you wish to hire from the Nashville Music Professional (aka Nashville Seller) you’d like to work with. 

Screenshot 2018-06-08 17.06.14.png

Then add the services to your cart and check out like any other e-commerce store. 

Please message your Nashville Seller BEFORE ordering to make sure they are available and able to complete your needed task. 

2. Some orders may need to be custom made because you need a specific service that is not listed OR the Seller's Profile says "Contact For Pricing" 

Just ask the Nashville Music Professional you are communicating with to send you a custom order.

You will receive an invoice via email.

Once you pay, your seller with be automatically notified that the job is paid for.

We hold the money until we hear from you that you are satisfied and that point you can close out the order.



Below, you can watch a real time order taking place if you still have questions.