Supervisor Madonna Wade-Reed was generous enough to sit down with me for an hour in-between sessions at the Durango Songwriter's Expo in Ventura, California.

She currently works on the shows All American and BatWoman.

Her past experience includes working with The Red LineAmerican CrimeReignShannara Chronicles and Smallville (I know).  

And for ad campaigns for CHASE Bank and State Farm

We talk about:

  • which “pitch path” she recommends taking and prefers to be approached by 

  • the different reactions people have to music supervisors in the states vs the UK 

  • How 50% of her job is actually being a lawyer 

  • the basics in the song construction that can make a song challenging to use 

  • How she organizes the music she is interested in using and what types of folders she places music into 

  • How she uses fan engagement of the shows she works for to help guide the music choices (and therefore how you can better guess what might be worth focusing on with your music) 

  • Why she doesn’t rely on personal taste to do her job 

  • Why she keeps a list of artists she WON’T license 

  • Why all artists NEED to be amendable and flexible if they want success in music licensing 

  • How she approaches genre  

And SO much more. 

This bonus content is worth the price of admission all by itself. Don't miss out!