All potential buyers are asked to reach out to the seller (you) before making an order to work out details and availability.  

When this happens, you will receive an automated email telling you the you have a new message and you will click on the Answer button in the email. 

This will take you to the Seller Login Page *You can also use that Login page to check messages irregardless of having a new message*

  • Login to your Seller Profile Account
  • Hover over Products and then click on Ask A Question
Ask A Question.jpg

  • You will see your "Conversations" listed. Click on the one you want to respond to. 
Pick Message.jpg

  • Respond to message. If your potential buyer responds, you will get an email notification that will direct you right back to this Conversation. 

  • NOTE: If you have a few back and forth messages, you may need to click on View Conversation to see the entire thread. 

View Conversation.jpg

If you need to share files, you can paste in a dropbox link or use THIS method that is free and easy to use. 

Please keep ALL messaging on the Nashville For Hire platform. This allows us to keep a consistent experience for all customers and to ensure that no breaches in NFH Seller Contract are made. 

If you have any questions or suggestions about this process, send us an email below: