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Let's be honest...

We all know that when you buy three cars full of gifts for your new born, it's really more for you than for them.  I mean, yes, that size 6-8 month t-shirt that says "Mommy's Boy" or "Mommy's Girl" is cute... but is that something your child will ever look back on and remember? 

The problem is that new borns and toddlers don't remember much. So how can we give a gift that they'll never forget? 

The answer is: Music.

We all have our favorite song from when we were young. It may not be the best song in the world by technical standards, but when it comes on we feel such a rush of home and nostalgia and safety that we swear it must be the best tune ever written.  

So what if you could give your child the guarantee that they would grow up with a song that would one day take them back to the days where they felt warm and safe and in the arms of a loving parent?  

Would that not be better than another tiny (and they are soooo cute and tiny) T-Shirt from target? 

And what if that song not only made them feel safe, but told them they were loved and safe by name.  


Well that's where we come in...


How it Works

Below we give you a few options of how you can give a gift your child will enjoy their whole lives

Lullaby copy.jpg


This 8 minute soundscape will take all the background noise that's known to keep baby's awake and replace it with soft and ambient tones.

And here's the magic.

You can add in audio of you telling them goodnight or any personalized message you'd like.  You could even insert soft audio of their little laugh or cry from a video you took or an audio recording. 

Below is a sample of a child's laugh as he played with his mother inserted into the LifeLong Lullaby:



This short lullaby is a perfect gift for any newborn or toddler. This affirming and uplifting lullaby sings to them by name and is something they will hold dear forever. 

Included in each order, you will receive a lyric video ready to be posted on Facebook and Instagram (we include 1 version that is full length and one that is 1 min exactly for your Instagram feed).

What are Moms saying about LifeLong Lullaby?




"I teared up the first time I heard my Zane's laughter added to the Lullaby. Having that sweet laugh captured forever is a beautiful gift."


- Manaseh 



Find the package that fits your child best

Ambient Soundscape

You get our LifeLong Lullaby with audio of your choice added in. 

You can add audio from your child laughing, crying or even your own personalized message to them.  

Audio can be captured from a video, cell phone or any other audio device.  

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Custom Lullaby - with their name

Our Simple and Soft LifeLong Song affirming your love for your child.

Sung by acclaimed Nashville singer/songwriter with your child's name added in. 

You can also add on a Lyric Video with your child as the back drop (great to make other moms jealous on Instagram)

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PACKAGE DEAL - Ambient Soundscape + The Custom Lullaby

Our best value.  

Get the LifeLong Lullaby with custom added audio AND our LifeLong Song with your child's name added in with a reduced price.

PLUS you get the lyric video free!

(You save $20)

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