The Process

1. Clients come to and either look through the Categories (i.e. Drums, Guitar, Female Vocals, etc.) OR they can do searches based on pricing, category, etc.  

2. They come across your products (aka gigs) and listen to your sample audio.  They may be ready to order based off of that or they may have questions.  Either way, they are directed to message you and work out the details before ordering. (See details of messaging here)

3.  Once you work out the details with them, the buyer will make the purchase and you will get an email notification right away that the order has gone through.  

NOTE: It is important that all orders that are initiated through Nashville For Hire, are processed and paid for through Nashville For Hire.  For you, this gives the assurance that the gig is paid before you are sending them the finished product.  Takes away the stress and risk of working with people you do not know online.  

Nashville for Hire is also a free service so the only way it can continue and can keep doing marketing and promotions to get orders for you is if we are making income from the small percentage we take from each order (we keep 7% of each transaction, in ADDITION Shopify or PayPal processes credit cards and payments and they take an additional standard processing fee).  For that reason, any seller's found directing payment off of Nashville For Hire will risk account suspension.  

4. You will complete the requested task and send the files via whatever file transfer service you prefer.  If you don't have a preference or a way to send large files, we recommend using  It's free and easy to use on both sides. We walk you through it HERE

5. It is important to us at Nashville For Hire that 1. our customers have a pleasant and seamless experience and 2. our sellers don't need to explain the logistics side of the site over and over again. So we commit to walking through the process with you and your potential buyers. We try to monitor all inquiries from potential buyers and be ready to chime in to your conversations with any answers about how the site works. This saves you time from answering the same questions over and over and keeps our customers happy at the same time. 

6. Once you have delivered the final product, email us ( and let us know. We will verify all parties are satisfied and then mark the order as completed. 

7. After order is marked as completed, it takes around 1-3 Business days for your money to process and then we will send it to your PayPal account. 



If you have any questions or suggestions about this process, send us an email below: