Email notifications going to spam? 

Here are two quick steps from google that should solve that forever. 



If you should have received a message but it's not in your inbox, then go to your spam folder and find a message that has been marked as spam incorrectly. Click on "Not spam". 

Screenshot 2018-07-12 00.36.33.png



1. Open gmail on a desktop computer. 



2. At the end of the search bar, click on the down arrow. 

Screenshot 2018-09-05 16.41.59.png
Screenshot 2018-09-05 16.42.10.png


3. In the "From" field, type 

Screenshot 2018-09-05 16.48.06.png


4. In the bottom right, click Create filter with this search.

Screenshot 2018-09-05 16.50.46.png


5. Check Never send it to Spam

Screenshot 2018-09-05 16.51.55.png


6. Click Create filter



**NOTE: You will want to repeat this process for because some orders you will receive an email from him instead of from the potential client**