Seller Terms of Use 

Nashville For Hire does not use any blanket license of ownership for the transactions made through our website.  You (the seller) can set up terms with your customers (work for hire's, percentages, etc.) as you feel need.  

Nashville For Hire receives no ownership or intellectual rights to the products, lyrics, songs, recordings, etc. that are transferred via

You work as a freelancer and are not an employee of Nashville For Hire.  We are merely the host, connector and curator. 

ALL orders that are initiated through Nashville For Hire must be processed and paid for through Nashville For Hire.  For you, this gives the assurance that the gig is paid before you are sending them the finished product.  Takes away the stress and risk of working with people you do not know online.  

Nashville for Hire is a free service so the only way it can continue and can keep doing marketing and promotions to get orders for you is if we are making income from the small percentage (7%) we keep from each order. Our service that allows us to take credit cards and payment keeps an additional standard processing fee (fee varies depending on PayPal or Shopify processing, this is THEIR fee not ours). Both these percentages comes out of your set price of product and is not in addition to, so your set prices remain what each customer will pay. 

For that reason, any seller's found directing payment off of Nashville For Hire will risk account suspension. Information found through customer reviews or other sources that reveal attempts by Sellers to arrange payment outside of Nashville For Hire will be investigated and may lead to Seller suspension.  We take this seriously as our pencentage taken from orders allows us to continue, but we put our Sellers first as they are the lifeblood of our business, so this would be handled in a case by case fashion with fairness.  



If you have any questions, shoot us an email below: